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Trycom Technology Co., Ltd is one of the major suppliers of Industrial communication converter and digital Input/ Output and analog Input RS-485 modules products in Taiwan. Our customers are professional in many fields of leading Industrial automation, networking and system control project.

The company employees have many years’ experience within the industry and automation and have been responsible for the scope of design, project management, supply, manufacture and assembly of industrial computer systems. We believe employees are the most valuable resource and hence always have people in mind when making plans. Trycom is very proud of its creative and dynamic employees as well as its management team. This is our assurance of commitment to quality and customer service.

Our missions have been simple and clear. Customers must be provided with quality solutions. Meanwhile the velocity of design and the manufacturing capability must be ensured in order to improve the time needed to reach the marketplace. Moreover, strictly quality assurance in every area of the management system must be maintained and be exercised to guarantee low total delivery cost.

With unwavering principles and steady management, we are pursuing our goal of eternal progress. We will continue to strengthen our competitiveness and offer customers the best products and services.


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TRP-C08M USB to 4 RS232/422/485 Optical Isolated Converter
TRP-C24H 16 Open Collector Ethernet IO module.  (Support Trycom ASCII, Modbus RTU/ASCII Protocol.)
TRP-C26H 16 Digital Input with counter Ethernet IO module. (Support Trycom ASCII, Modbus RTU/ASCII Protocol.)
TRP-C28H 4 Digital Input with counter and 4 relay  Ethernet IO module. (Support Trycom ASCII, Modbus RTU/ASCII Protocol.)


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